Marketing Techniques for Events | Nine Cool Ideas

February 9, 2022
Marketing Techniques for Events | Nine Cool Ideas

It’s never a bad day to discover new suggestions regarding marketing techniques for events. And today, we are all about ideas. Here, you can find three free, three online, and three offline recommendations for your upcoming occasion. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Free Marketing Techniques for Events Ideas

Who said that you have to pay for event marketing efforts? It’s 2022, and the market is undoubtedly an innovative place. Here are three marketing techniques for events that won’t cost you anything. Yes, you got it right, they are free.

  • Exchange services: Nowadays, people are willing to collaborate. All you need to do is offer something and ask for a favor in turn. Well, you also need to find the right hook. For instance, you can become a volunteer in exchange for promotional activities within your community. Also, you can sign a service-based sponsorship agreement instead of paying for the upcoming event.
  • Use content from past events: Pictures, videos, and testimonials from the past are marketing techniques for events that you can use for free. For example, you can take an image from the event and add a testimonial/quote from one of the attendees. Keep in mind; you will need their approval. Also, make sure to add their name, job title, and organization. At last, start sharing the post across social media
  • Encourage referrals: Word of mouth is among the most effective marketing techniques for events and the highest converting type of promotion. So, make sure to ask previous attendees, industry professionals, and vendors that you have worked with to say a nice word or two to their friends and acquaintances. For instance, they can share details about your upcoming event. You can also use technology tools to generate invite codes freely. In turn, you can turn your existing event visitors into brand ambassadors.

Word-of-mouth as free event marketing

Now, let’s see what you can do with just a little bit to invest.

Online Event Marketing Ideas

The following marketing techniques for events ideas are not only cool and engaging but also very low cost. See, the Internet has enormous potential for event promotion. Still, it can sometimes be tricky to figure out what works for your audience. Here’s how you can make the most out of it, even when working with limited time.

  • Stand out from boring content: It’s a competitive market. So, the only way to stand out from the crowd is to be as innovative and as different as humanly possible. One great idea is to inject personality into your social media posting strategy. For instance, you can incorporate different types of posts, including photos, videos, tweets, etc. Next, you can add emojis or GIFs to further add on the feeling. Some brands even go for humorous insights into the workplace, which has also proven highly effective.
  • Target lookalike audiences: If you have your list of event attendees, you can do more with it. For instance, you can upload it on Facebook, or another social media platform, to find lookalike audiences. See, these are the people that would be interested in attending your event. They have common qualities with your existing audience, so you can easily turn them into customers. All you need to do is invest a bit in Facebook ads or other social media ads, depending on your budget and preferences. A great tip to increase accuracy is to aim for a minimum of one thousand people.
  • Design an email signature: If you converse with many people (potential customers, employees, partners, or sponsors) on email daily, it’s best to develop your email signature. It should include a non-intrusive mention of your event and a link to your website as two ways of passive promotion.

Online Marketing Techniques for Events

Offline Marketing Techniques for Events

When it comes to offline marketing techniques for events, you have a great choice of actions to take. Some of these suggestions are targeted at VIP, high-end events. In turn, they imply higher costs. However, today, we will focus on cheaper alternatives to stay within your budget.

  • Develop walking advertisement: Yes, you got it right. Walking advertisement has highly effective results. At this point, you can think of a bunch of alternatives, such as printed T-shirts or helium balloons. For instance, you can set up a stand in a highly crowded park and give this merchandise free. Both kids and adults will try to find you and get their free goods. Then, by walking with it, they will further promote your brand or event.
  • Create flash mobs: Who doesn’t like a flash mob? It creates endless possibilities. For instance, you can create a choreography with a team of people singing and dancing. However, you can also develop something specific to your events, such as special entertainers or an immersive role-play experience in public. For the best results, you need to consider the timing and the location of these marketing techniques for events. In turn, you can reach the best-possible impact in the lead-up to your event.
  • Highlight your event: At this point, you can go in two opposite directions. First, you can use chalk for sidewalk signage. And second, you can reverse clean something. For instance, you can use a stencil. Then, wash away street grime with a power washer within your area. Either way, you need to ask for permission. If you trespass into private property, it’s considered vandalism. So, keep that in mind.

Offline Marketing Techniques for Events

Final Thought – Unique Marketing Techniques For Events

As you can spot, event marketing is a field with great potential. You can come up with the wildest ideas and pursue them as long as they appeal to your target market. It’s also never too late to switch up your strategy and add an exciting element to it.

However, as you progress with your marketing techniques for events, your competitors will advance too. So, you have to be determined to make continual progress and change. Incorporating the tactics mentioned above will definitely grant you that initial boost. However, make sure to keep on reading our suggestions on our blog to stay in the loop!

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