How To Develop A B2B Event Marketing Strategy Template?

August 24, 2021
Innovative Event Marketing Strategy Template Ideas

B2B event marketing refers to selling your event to other businesses to get them to attend, sponsor or exhibit. Sure, you might use the same channels of advertising as in B2C. However, it would be best to use a different tone of voice for a successful B2B event marketing strategy template.

When it comes to selling to businesses, you have to provide more tangible rewards. For instance, you can help an entity generate leads, increase its revenue, or gain a competitive advantage.

Now, every event is different regarding budget, target market, and objectives. So, it’s almost impossible to present a perfect ‘catch-all’ event marketing plan. However, the innovative tactics below can set you on the right path of creating an effective B2B event marketing strategy template.

5 Event Marketing Strategy Template Ideas

You need to keep one thing in mind while implementing the following innovative B2B event marketing ideas – they must always fit into the bigger picture. So, make sure to modify them (if needed) to suit your mission and vision statements.

Your audience can also help you. Essentially, your target market will give you the direction of what works and what doesn’t. In turn, you’ll quickly determine which ideas work best for you.

So, let’s get right into it!

Leave The Floor To The Customers

The best way to engage with your potential customers, or reengage with existing ones, is to include them in your business. You can do so by giving them some authority. In other words, you can give your clients a say in how, where, or when the event will take place.

For instance, you might also use a poll with questions such as, “Do you prefer Topic #1 or Topic #2 to be discussed at the upcoming event?” You can also ask questions regarding the venue, catering, guest speakers, and so on.

Leave The Floor To The Customers

Incorporating these pre-event surveys into your event marketing strategy template is incredibly effective. It makes your customers feel valuable to you. In turn, they can develop strong appreciation and preference towards your brand.

Furthermore, you can create an email campaign or develop a platform where your customers get a say. Your guests can use the forum to share expertise, opinions, or past experiences. It takes customer interaction and engagement to a whole new level.

Big Names Create The Needed Buzz

Your customers aren’t the only ones who can improve your event marketing strategy template. At this point, you can also think of big-name sponsors to partner with for your upcoming event.

See, well-established brands on the market already have a reputation. If you choose a company with a great one, you can instantly improve yours. It’s as simple as that!

However, make sure to choose partners and sponsors aligned with your business’s goals and overall doing. Here, you can also think of influencers. Who is the most impactful name within your industry?

Furthermore, a big name in one niche doesn’t have to be in another, and vice versa. For instance, Toblerone is one of the best chocolate brands worldwide. However, it cannot help you much if you promote healthy snacks as substitutes for sugary foods and drinks.

Memorable Events For A Hashtag

Out-of-the-box, memorable experiences are one of the most effective tactics to incorporate in your B2B event marketing strategy template. Guests appreciate long-lasting items, but adventures take things to a whole another level. They will remain in their memory forever.

If you create trendy moments, they can further spread on social media platforms with a hashtag. Think of famous tech companies such as Microsoft, Apple, or Adobe at their annual events for product launches. They always have a taggable moment, so why wouldn’t you?

Memorable Events For A Hashtag

Here, you should develop an activity, event, or fun moment that your guest will be looking forward to. Also, you can create the hashtag and encourage your attendees to use it prior, during, and after the event.

Podcasts Boost Your Event Marketing Strategy Template

Podcasts have become a huge event marketing trend, as they can generate massive interest in a brand or an upcoming event.

Successful companies usually use the power of podcasts to give value to their customers. For instance, you can educate your potential attendees on a buzzing topic within your niche. At this point, you can use your in-house team, hire experts, or ask the guest speakers for “a favor.”

In turn, you will create a lot of value for your current and potential clients.

Once you establish the podcast channel, it can also turn into something more with time. Depending on the degree of popularity it achieves within the community, your podcast can become a networking tool or part of VIP meet-and-greet opportunities.

VIPs Deserve The Special Treatment

Speaking of the VIPs; we get to the last idea for a B2B event marketing strategy template.

First things first, you are the one that determines the VIPs of your upcoming event. You can “separate” them from regular guests through special tickets at a higher price. However, you must provide something in return, such as exclusive access to speakers, content, or opportunities.

For instance, you can create small group activities before or after the event for your VIPs. Furthermore, you can give these attendees exclusive access to virtual content or one-on-one opportunities with guest speakers after the event.

VIPs Deserve The Special Treatment

Keep in mind, if you provide VIPs access to any particular influencers or attendees, they can further give you a social media boost across platforms. Essentially, it all leads to an increase in your revenues.

When people perceive a higher value, they are willing to pay more for a service/product, or in this case, your event.

Start Developing Your B2B Event Marketing Strategy Template Today

Enough talking; it’s time for action!

Now that you are well equipped with knowledge and tips regarding your B2B event marketing strategy template, you can start working.

However, as mentioned before, successful event marketing campaigns take time. So, don’t be afraid to take risks and modify your tactics as needed.

The five innovative event marketing ideas are guaranteed to improve your revenues and business success. Well, as long as you are determined to do it!

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