Promoting an Event on Social Media – 5 Valuable Tips

May 24, 2021
Promoting an Event on Social Media

Today, all sellers, customers, and other involved parties understand the value of promoting an event on social media. If you Google how to market an event, you will get a long list of social media strategies. And sure, they have all proven effective in the last couple of years.

Social Media Strategy for Events

However, there is no point in taking a strategy as given. You cannot copy what your competitors are doing, even if they are the top performers on the market. Instead, it would be best if you found a way to differentiate. A unique event marketing strategy will grasp your potential client’s attention, drive sales, and possibly make you a price-setter in the longer term.

Unique Event Marketing Social Media Strategies

When we think of a social media strategy, we instantly associate it with Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok. However, there’s a catch!

Social Media Platforms on a Mobile Phone

If you associate social media strategies with constant posting, or even worse, spamming, you are doing something wrong. The point of event marketing is to make to most out of your resources.

In other words, you should create content that provokes engagement, increases your brand awareness and reputation. So, it’s better to post one high-quality picture or quote per day than overwhelm your followers with irrelevant or repetitive information.

Here are five valuable yet affordable social media marketing tips to make your event go viral.

Use The Events Feature On Facebook

Facebook is the most used social media platform, with over 2.79 billion users worldwide. So, it can certainly play a role in spreading awareness of your event. But keep in mind, you are not the only one with this information. All of your competitors are also well-aware of this potential for promoting an event on social media.

Event Marketing on Facebook

Your potential clients might be crushed with information and a long list of posts on their home page. One great tip to differentiate and make your event a social splash is to use the Event feature on Facebook.

This calendar-based resource can notify the users of upcoming occasions. You can set the event to a public or private and even RSVP your contacts. Once invited, a person can respond that he/she will attend. In turn, Facebook will notify their friends in the news feed, further extending your reach.

The feature is also a great place to find all event-related information. Your potential guests can see when and where the event will occur, who will attend, or even communicate with you directly.

Lastly, clients can find a complete list of past events on your company’s page. If they like what they see, you might even benefit from FOMO, positively affecting your sales.

Activate Your VIP Guests On Tiktok And Snapchat

Events are all about creating an experience, one that increases your customer satisfaction and brand reputation. One effective social media strategy for events is the use of influencers, partners, or guest speakers.

People tend to believe third parties more. So, you can use this potential to your advantage. You can send your VIP guests or other similar parties upfront materials. In turn, they can share this information with their followers. By incorporating their style and opinions, these collaborators will increase your potential client’s trust, thus conversions.

Event Marketing Using Instagram Highlights

Currently, Instagram stories are more popular than ever. While the platform might not rank your newest post, your followers will certainly not miss your story. That’s why it’s a great tool for promoting an event on social media.

People love seeing behind the scene clips or some teasers. So, the best way to grasp your potential client’s attention is to tell a short story. For instance, you can upload a series of connected clips showing the space where the event will take place. You can also host a brief interview with one of the guest speakers, partners, or shareholders.

Lastly, you can create highlights from the archived stories. This way, even new followers can take a peek into your event and what is about to come.

Track Event Buzz With Hashtags On Twitter

Twitter is all about communication, debates, and reactions. So, it’s pretty convenient to track your target audience, their thoughts, and responses to your event marketing campaigns. Not only that, but you can also use Twitter to boost interactions.

Using event-related hashtags on your Twitter posts can boost customer engagement. The platform will sum up all your content on a single base. Therefore, your guests will be able to find all relevant information with a single click.

According to Bizzabo, Tweets with one to two hashtags receive twice as much engagement. So, you might also encourage your clients to use Twitter hashtags before, during, and after the event.

Twitter for Event Marketing

The hashtag feature can also help you in your analysis. For instance, you can use free tracking tools to check how frequently people use your hashtag. In turn, this can determine the success of your event marketing efforts on Twitter.

Target Your Audience Using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn is a business platform and undoubtedly a great way to target your audience. Usually, companies use the LinkedIn Ads feature. However, there is a better alternative for event marketing.

The LinkedIn Sponsored Updates position the ads in your client’s newsfeed, not the top right corner. So, they certainly increase the chances of grasping your target audience’s attention. But it doesn’t end there.

It would help if you also found a way to keep the user’s focus. At this point, you should avoid generic images or indicating broad demographics. Instead, be as specific as possible regarding your target. Unique pictures and catchy CTAs also increase conversion rates. So, make sure to be creative!

Social Media Event Marketing Is All About Your Target

To conclude, there are many effective ways of using social media for event marketing. However, not all options are consistent with your goals, strategies, or even capital. Successful companies always look for the best way to use their limited resources.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newcomer or a well-established competitor. Your social media event marketing strategy should first match your target audience with the platform they use the most. Then, you can get creative and apply all tips mentioned above!

Bruno Mircevski

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