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August 16, 2021
The best ideas for event marketing tips

You have undoubtedly read lots of comprehensive guides, statistics and went over at least a few templates. So, now, it’s up to the point you need several unique event marketing tips to wrap up your event marketing campaign.

Sure, we have talked about this on our blog before. However, we live in changing business and marketing environment. Therefore, each innovation should be of special importance to you. Keeping track of the latest trends will always help you maintain a competitive advantage.

So, let’s get straight into the latest event marketing tips you can incorporate into your event marketing strategy.

Top 3 Event Marketing Tips

After an in-depth analysis of the market and mostly what leading firms are doing in this regard, we’ve come upon three valuable event marketing tips. And no doubt, they will bring you a step closer to achieving your event marketing goals.

The Power Of Pop-Ups

Over the years, pop-ups have gained a more or less “bad reputation.” Still, the latest marketing research shows that they can actually benefit one’s event marketing campaign. Well, at least when used with some restrictions.

Pop-up Ads

Pop-ups have deserved the place in the best event marketing tips. And here’s why.

According to Nikki McGonigal, a food craft blogger, pop-ups drive 1375% more subscribers than sidebars, which is quite impressive.

Yet another example is Darren Rowse. He avoided adding pop-ups on his photography blog for quite some time as he considered them an intrusive tool. However, when he decided to test the tool out, he gained 400 additional subscribers daily. To put things into perspective, he had an average of 40 subscribers per day before it.

And that’s not where it ends. As pop-ups inform your site visitors of upcoming events, they can also boost your conversion rate. However, you need to set up the upcoming steps in the sales process properly.

Once a site visitor stumbles upon the pop-up, they should be able to “convert.” Ensure to set up the following steps, such as a button that leads them to purchasing a ticket immediately. At this point, you can either show the customer a dedicated or a landing page.

Crowdsourcing For A Head Start

Head start usually refers to an achieved or a granted advantage at the beginning of a race, a chase, or a competition. At this point, you might be wondering, why is this term included in the top event marketing tips?

Well, crowdsourcing can give you the same advantage as your competitors at the beginning of your event marketing campaign.

Crowdsourcing as part of event marketing tips

Say you are just entering the niche. You have a limited budget or a small team with no extensive knowledge or skills. Still, you need to gather marketing materials to work with and attract potential clients to attend your event. Crowdsourcing can be your comprehensive solution to these complex issues.

One great example for your first event is organizing a competition. At this point, you can introduce the theme of the upcoming event to the public. Then, ask all potential guests to submit materials, pictures or videos, related to it. It will generate the needed buzz for your occasion.

However, you will have to motivate the customers to participate. You can offer them rewards. And if you are “smart” enough, you’ll connect them to the event as well. For instance, you can offer free tickets or some bulk discounts.

Better yet, if you have hosted several events, you can ask your past attendees to share some memories. Nothing is more credible than real experiences from real guests. Still, make sure to remind them to include your hashtag.

Blogging Vs. Guest Posting

Now, for the third and last of our event marketing tips, we have decided to compare two methods, blogging on your site and guest posting on other sites.

You are undoubtedly aware, having a blog in today’s competitive environment is a must. First of all, it boosts SEO, but that’s not all. It attracts new target audiences, but it also helps you retain your existing ones.

After all, when past attendees continually find your helpful information, they will stay on the hook. If you find ways to be innovative and entertaining at all times, they will come back for each of your events, for sure.

And what better way to communicate all your ideas than post on your blog?

You don’t always have to post comprehensive step-by-step guides or how-to articles. Sometimes, even quick and short updates are enough to keep your readers interested and boost engagement.

Blogging and Guest Posting

Guest posting takes things to the next level. While you have an established readers’ audience, other sites have it as well. And sure, there is always a better-ranked site, either in your industry or in another. So, why wouldn’t you use this potential?

With guest posting, you can inform another site’s audience of an upcoming event. It’s a great way to penetrate the market further, at an affordable price or no cost.

Usually, you need to provide the content, a helpful article. In turn, the site will link it to your site, immediately generating leads.

Final Thought On Event Marketing Tips

Now, you might think to yourself: this is not enough. You are right; it’s sure not. You cannot just implement the three tips mentioned above and hope for a miracle. Instead, it would be best if you took the time to develop your comprehensive event marketing plan.

Once you set your timeline, marketing channels, and teams, it’s only then the right time to implement these tips. It would be best if you thought of these as “the cherry on top.” Essentially, it’s the event marketing tips that make you better than the rest. After all, they are a way to diversify and gain a competitive advantage, which is ultimately the secret to event marketing success.

Bruno Mircevski

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