Every journey has a beginning. The beginning of Avovent.

January 30, 2021

Hello, world! My name is Bruno and I’m a co-founder of Avovent.

It is my pleasure to write the first article on our blog, introduce us and what we do, and, in the end, perhaps even connect with you, dear reader.

Since 2015 me and two colleagues (Dominykas and Emilis) have been working together on various businesses.

That required a lot of travelling as well as attending countless conferences and exhibitions. Emilis regularly gave presentations for thousands of people.

After some time, we started to recognize flawed patterns in such events and the way they are managed.

In many cases, attendees had to download an app for each event. They weren’t convenient to use, every time you had to learn how to use them and they were lacking features.

With every new event, it was the same story over and over again.

It was then when we first had an idea of building a tool which would be global and universal for every event, conference and exhibition out there.

In early 2020 we started actively working on it. Our idea is to have a cloud-based application that would interconnect event organizers, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and of course, attendees.

The team

Every success starts with the team and the people behind it.

One of the guys who we hired to develop Avovent was Dragan Mitić. Along the way, he proved himself to be a very knowledgeable and passionate person. We had no other choice but to invite Dragan to join us and become a co-founder and a Chief Technical Officer of Avovent.

Without him, Avovent wouldn’t be the same as it is now.

I, personally, am involved in day-to-day operations and making sure that everything runs smoothly.

Emilis, on the other hand, is our visionary. Coming up with the ideas, drawing designs for Avovent’s website, and envisioning how the world looks tomorrow, that is his department.

Finally, Dominykas takes care of our finances and the legal side of the business – nothing slips through his eyes unnoticed.

Where we are right now

As of February 2021, we have finished developing our initial MVP. Currently it consists of 3 modules: organization management, speaker management and multi-language support. All of these allow event organizers to quickly setup automatic speaker invitation and management. This saves time, money and allows an organizer to avoid any mistakes that otherwise could be made by doing the task manually.

This is just the first stepping stone but also it is the major one.

We have a whole list of upcoming features put on a roadmap that will turn into flesh by the end of the year. Right now, there are 17 new modules planned that will transform Avovent into a full event management suite.

We want YOU to be a part of our team

If you’d like to find out more about what the future of Avovent looks like, I invite you to connect with us. We’ll give you a chance to become an early adopter and we will share what lies ahead.

But that comes at a price.

You’ll be given a vital mission for Avovent future and success: give us your honest insights and feedback. Only if we know what you think and need, we’ll be able to improve Avovent.

Our mission is to empower event organizers by helping them to save time and money, give bigger audience to event sponsors, make life easier and give more exposure to speakers and exhibitors and finally provide a smooth and familiar way for people to attend these events.

Our vision is a global and complete event ecosystem which benefits everyone.

Focus on people and leave the technical aspects for us. And that what Avovent is all about.

I hope that you had as much fun reading this article as I did writing it.

You can reach us via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or email. We’d love to talk, hear your thoughts or just connect!

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Bruno Mircevski

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