Event Marketing Tactics for a Successful Campaign

May 17, 2021
Event Marketing Tactics for a Successful Campaign

Your event marketing tactics should always be aligned with your organizational goals. You might set different objectives and metrics for each event. However, it would be best if you always considered the bigger picture. In other words, each event should contribute, at least a bit, to the entity’s long-term performance and success.

Many businesses have failed because they made short-term beneficial decisions. However, with time, the decision has proven as more hurtful to their business.

So, the question is, how to coordinate your event marketing tactics and your organizational goals?

Goal-Oriented Event Marketing Tactics

To make the most of your time, money, and efforts, you should always start by setting up your goals. At this point, you need to ask yourself and your team the question, what do we want to achieve with our marketing efforts, both in the short and long term?

To better explain things, we’ve chosen five specific business goals. Then, we’ve developed several event marketing tactics, along with event marketing tips on how to reach them.

Event marketing tactics aligned with company goals

Attract New Customers

The first and most obvious goal of event marketing efforts is expanding the organization’s reach. If you choose to attract a new audience, you can do so in many ways.

For instance, you can provide a discount for first-time attendees. After all, everyone appreciates a good deal. According to Statista, 88% of US survey respondents stated that they had used coupons for shopping in 2020.

Another event marketing tactic would be a giveaway to announce your event. Using the potential of social media, you can extend your reach, as people will share your posts with friends and family.

You can also increase your spending on advertising. At this point, you need to find an audience that’s similar, not identical to your target. One great tip is to partner up with an influencer to further promote your products/services to their existing following base.

Build A Loyal Audience

You might also want to build an audience of repeat attendees, as it’s far less expensive. To achieve this, you need to create an incentive for your previous attendee to return.

At this point, it’s essential to come up with new ideas for each event. If you repeat the same speeches, guests, and content, your past attendees won’t have an incentive to return. So, keep in mind each event should be unique and of high quality.

The gain for your clients might be a discount for the tickets of the next event, extra information regarding the guest speakers, or any other rewards you find appropriate within your event marketing strategy.

There are many ways in which your loyal fans can contribute to your event marketing strategy. However, they need motivation, such as rewards for referrals.

For instance, you can offer a 10% or 25% if one of your past attendees brings one or two friends to the next event, respectively. It will encourage them to invite another guest, further expanding your network.

Develop A Wide Promotional Net

Event marketing doesn’t always refer to increasing the number of attendees on your occasions. You might want to focus on networking and building a more substantial brand reputation.

If that’s the case, you need to implement an event marketing tactic for creating a “rock star” team. Your team should include both in-house paid marketers and outside voices. The external group might consist of partners, influencers, affiliates, sponsors, or even your clients.

The only question left is how you can use them for marketing your event?

Of course, your employees can share their experience and organizational culture with the public. But no matter how well they represent you, you’ll need more.

Event marketing tactic - People networking and sharing their experience with a brand

People trust third parties more than they believe in your in-house team. After all, you are paying your employees to write, create, and promote your products/brand. So, their opinions might be compromised. That’s why you should also focus on your external team.

One excellent event marketing tactic is the use of testimonials and reviews. They can come from all parties. Your previous clients can share the experience of previous events. The sponsors and partners can share why they have chosen to cooperate with your organization, etc.

Clients perceive these opinions as unbiased. Therefore, they are of exceptional value in an event marketing strategy.

Boost Pre-Event Revenue

There are many event marketing tactics to increase pre-event revenue in practice.

One great event marketing tactic is the add-on packages. It motivates your clients to purchase early on as they have the option to change their minds afterward. For instance, you can offer a base ticket with the possibility for a VIP upgrade in the following months leading to the event.

Another option would be adding valuable benefits for early purchases. At this point, you can offer reserved seatings or parking passes for the most convenient spaces.

Finally, you can offer the tickets at special prices until a specific date. You can choose to specify the date until the discount lasts. Also, you can mark it as a limited edition, further adding to the excitement.

Post Event Marketing Engagement

Event marketing is not only important before the event but also during it and after. So, your goal might be to increase the attendee engagement once your event is over. After all, these practices are essential for building a brand reputation and a loyal audience.

To achieve this goal, you can create a branded hashtag as part of your social media event strategy. It will circulate across all platforms, increasing your brand awareness.

People working on a contact list on paper and computer

You can also share additional beneficial information with your guests after the event. For this to work, you will need a list of your attendees. So, make sure to keep their contact information. Then, you can send them an infographic, some statistics, tips, or any other helpful reference material.

Event Marketing Tactics in 2021

Event marketing tactics have never been more critical than today. The business environment is incredibly competitive. So, every organization is continually looking for ways to gain an advantage.

We’re not saying that there’s something wrong with it. However, one thing to keep in mind is to keep your company’s mission and vision in mind while developing an event marketing strategy. After all, no two entities are the same. So, why should their marketing efforts be?

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