Development roadmap

What’s next

Avovent is an ever-growing event ecosystem. We’re constantly developing more modules to create a single solution to plan, build, organize, attend and enjoy events.

Currently, we’re building a foundation. In every event, it all starts with an idea. Ideas are turned into plans and goals.

Event organizers are the ones who turn simple ideas into brilliant events.

So right now, we’re building the modules that would help event organizers to fulfill their plans faster.

Then, we will be focusing on speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors – what brings the content to the event.

And finally, we will be focusing on attendees – the most important ones of all. Without attendees, nothing would matter. So to welcome them properly, we have to lay the foundation.

Below you can see our roadmap for the upcoming quarters. If you have any suggestions or concerns, you can always contact us. We’re building Avovent together with you, and the feedback is very important.